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We learned one thing from experience: each client comes with a unique set of requirements. For this reason, Infostarters offers custom packages to meet highly-specific requests:

Design service

Infographic Design service is ideal for businesses who have already finished the research part and have prepared the content themselves. Our creative design team takes the textual info and finds the elements that will tell the story in a visual language.

Infographic Content Research and Writing service

Infographic Content Research and Writing service is for businesses who have an in-house designer who works on all their visual branding materials and only need professional content research and writing services to prepare the copy for the infographic.

Full-package: Infographic Content Research, Writing and Design service

Full-package: Infographic Content Research, Writing and Design service means that we take the load off your back and complete all the steps involved in the infographic creation process. Our content team completes research and writing, after which we send the content over to our team of designers.

Why You Need

of the text is what an average reader sees on a web page during 1 visit

of the population are visual learners and process visuals more easily than text

of all information transmitted to the brain is visual

The numbers say it all - infographics are a powerful way to carve the message you want to send to your target audiences’ memory. They are the bilingual tool you’ve been looking for all this time to help you cover a bit heavier topic and be sure the readers’ will comprehend it easily.

An amazing infographic design can grab the reader’s attention and make them pause to take a closer look. By simplifying and illustrating complex pieces of information, readers will be able to just skim through and still read through to the end.

Infographics will promote your expertise across all channels - your website, all social media platforms, and beyond; the best part is - you can even print them and use to boost your offline marketing efforts. That being said, it is evident that your message will reach a much wider audience than any other textual content you created.

But all this will be in vain if the infographic is not created with your brand’s visual identity in mind and Infostarters can make sure you are associated with the amazing infographic design we create for you.

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How We Do It

Over the years, we had the opportunity to deliver both content and design for infographics on a variety of topics. Each industry and subject matter comes with its own set of challenges, but we still managed to come up with a proven infographic creation process. In just three steps, we can deliver a creative infographic design that will be in line with your specific needs and contain the most important elements:

Initial consultation - Topic, Content & Design

The first step involves defining your needs: whether you need us to deliver just design or content or both. Depending on the specific package you opt for, we can discuss the topic, content research and writing process, and see if you already have any great infographic design ideas in mind. Once we have all the elements in place, we move on to the production phase.

First Draft & Feedback

If you wish, we can send over the initial content draft to meet your approval before we move on to illustration. Alternatively, we can send the finalized infographic for you to comment on and say whether it requires some minor tweaking to be in line with your brand.

Last Edits & Final Infographic Design

As soon as we make the changes you proposed, we send over the final infographic design for you to publish on your website and use for promotional purposes.

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We helped numerous clients tell their stories and share valuable info through appealing, creative, and comprehensible infographics.

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