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Why You
Need Icons

In a world where consumers better grasp and retain visual information, icons serve as a perfect tool to attract their attention. What is more, icons have the power to bridge the gap in situations where plain text cannot suffice or can even confuse. In time, their potential and their ability to enhance the functionality of your website, tool, software or a mobile application became more evident. Icons have the power to tell a story and provide a simple-to-understand explanation when you need to interpret complex pieces of information.

If smartly illustrated, the best icon sets can sum up the story you wish to tell, especially if you need to present some more abstract points. They can highlight the features and benefits of what you have to offer or guide your audience on their way to solve an issue, step by step.

But it is not just about designing an appealing and interesting icon pack. They have to be in line with your branding in order to prove they are a beneficial addition to your marketing and business strategy.

This is where Infostarters fits in - we deliver unique and rich icons that convey complex information and send a straightforward message.

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What We Can
Do For You

Infostarters is a skilled and creative team of designers who have years of experience creating icon sets for businesses of all sizes and from diverse industries. We can deliver tailor-made icons for your website, iOS and Android platform, tool, and/or software to illustrate its full potential.

We create smart, easy-to-understand icon sets by following your original identity. Our designers consider your color scheme, tone of voice and the message you want to send as a brand. All of this will influence the final design - whether it is going to be comical or serious, minimalistic or a bit more complex. Each line drawn to create a shape is made cautiously, with your target audience in mind.

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How We Do It?

Initial Consultation

First, we discuss your needs: what will you be using this icon set for? Your website? Mobile App? Brochure? Or maybe all of the above? Once we define their role in your branding efforts, we can start bouncing off ideas to come up with the best possible visual interpretation.

First Draft & Feedback

Infostarters delivers the first set of icons for you to comment on, provide input and say whether you feel the message you wish to send is conveyed within these attractive graphics.

Last Edits & Delivery

Taking your feedback into consideration, we’ll do few-touch ups to perfect the icons and deliver the most optimal solution that will improve your user experience and, ultimately, conversion rate.

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Our Latest Work

Take a look at some of the stories our clients’ managed to tell thanks to our icon sets.

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